Construction defect claims and the role of an expert witness

Construction defect claims are often part of a construction project. However, managing and overcoming construction claims is the only way to work within the construction industry. Often construction companies will request for assistance from construction consulting services in the form of an expert witness when such claim arise.

Construction defect claims are caused by construction parts, design or materials that cause significant injuries. If construction parts are involved often replacing the parts is all that needs to be done to avoid any future legal issues. However, if a design flaw is a problem, this can lead to other difficulties like structural issues. Material defects, on the other hand, can sometimes be replaced but if they part of the main structure they will not be able to be replaced without damaging part or the whole building.

To identify how to handle construction defect claims it is a good idea to hire an expert witness who has experience in the field of the subject. It is important that the expert witness has experience in construction from the design process to the completion of similar size projects. An expert witness will then be able to identify what is wrong and suggest how to rectify the problem. Most expert witnesses will work backward from the incident to uncover what exactly went wrong and who is responsible. Identifying who is responsible is the best way of holding the correct party accountable for damages.

Lyle Charles Consulting has a long list of expert witnesses who possess the experience to handle medium to large construction defect claims.