Eco-Friendly Aviation Maintenance Equipment is on the Rise

Summary: The push towards a cleaner air space is already underway.

One of the major areas of concern in today’s aviation industry is managing the reduction of emissions. With jet engines advancing to over 300 times the efficiency it once was, the emphasis is now being placed on ground support equipment.

The Trending Nature of Eco-Friendly Machinery

Now that there are significant advances in fuel efficiency, safety, and cost control, the operation and maintenance of generators, maintenance stands, portable power supply equipment, and other pieces are proving to be much more effective and less hazardous than ever before. There has also been a substantial reduction in emissions as well, which is resulting in a cleaner environment around airports everywhere. Often times, these advances come from cooperative efforts between the airline support staff and the manufacturers.

The Rise in Electric Power

With eco-friendly equipment on the rise, it’s only natural that manufacturers like Start Pac are starting to pump out ground power units that are utilizing the immense power of electricity to create hybrid units. Not only is this is a step forward in the right direction, but it’s also placing pressure on other manufacturers to create acceptable hybrid maintenance equipment that’s ready for fieldwork.

Rapidly fading away are the assortment of gas-guzzling turbine generator sets, with the majority of them being replaced by more fuel-efficient diesel types or fully electric generator sets. This improvement is only one area that the aviation industry is focusing on and is continuing to improve. With eco-friendly machinery already in-tow, it’s only a matter of time before new models are brought to the forefront of the industry.