Environmentally-Friendly Furniture Pieces: A Basic Guide to Starting

Summary: Eco-friendly materials make great additions to any home.

There are those that are looking to make the change for more environmentally-friendly furniture pieces. Nonetheless, furnishing your home or office can make a big difference when placing a variety of eco-friendly furniture pieces. With today’s sustainability movement, many designers are now making their way into the “green scene”.

Here are some basic concepts that will help you guide your search. While not every piece of furniture is budget-friendly for anyone, there are alternatives to what you can buy.

Reclaimed Materials

Wood that’s taken care of can last a significant amount of time. Many designers are taking this concept and using it in new designs. For instance, reclaimed wood comes from old furniture, houses, and other objects and turned into new design-friendly pieces that can easily supplant your old sets. Reclaimed wood that’s used in furniture is a great example of resource efficiency. Be sure that you look for a wood certification label that essentially lets you know that it’s coming from a good place, for a lack of better terms. Additionally, you might not even be able to tell the difference when you’re decorating. Say you’ve purchased some furnishings from The Foam Factory and compliment it with some reclaimed materials. Would you really be able to tell the difference from first glance? Probably not.

Sustainable Wood

Wood from sustainably harvested forests are great options for those looking for a cleaner alternative. As you already know, eco-friendly products aren’t just made from wood alone, you can even find some marine foam cushions to compliment your boat that’s made from recycled materials. It’s difficult to notice the difference anyhow. The Forest Stewardship Council is a fantastic standard of certification that promotes good working conditions. Search for some of these labels when looking at environmentally-friendly furniture pieces and you’ll know that the wood you’re seeing is sustainably harvested without messing with animals’ habitats.