How to Turn Your Company’s Command Center Into an Eco-Friendly Hub

Summary: Eco-friendly is the way to go. Here’s how you can transform your center into something worth bragging about – without skimping on productivity.


Most of today’s command centers are running on equipment that utilize a significant amount of resources and can even cause harm to the environment. For instance, if generators are being used as backups, some of the more large-scale ones will be placed outdoors where they can vent – leading to an emission of all types of chemicals. A bit of Spring cleaning may do the trick.


Determine What’s Eligible and What’s Not


In a perfect world, everything could be scrapped and be replaced with an alternative that’s both resourceful and helpful to the environment. Obviously, this isn’t the case with modern technology. In exchange for productivity, various gases and chemicals are released into the air – too much exposure can cause medical problems to those that are sensitive to the chemical itself.


You’ll want to see what you can replace and also take a look at the products that are going to be in their stead. For instance, let’s say one of your equipment pieces is an A/C unit that expels harmful chemicals to the outdoors. Can you replace it? Or, what if your operation center consoles are using an outdated cooling system that flushes out to a vent on the roof? Perhaps you could swap it out for something like water cooling instead.


Go for Green, But Don’t Sacrifice Efficiency


While it’s admirable that you’re looking out for the environment, you’ll also want to look out for your best interests as well. A plant that’s supposed to operate as an emergency support system isn’t going to do the trick. Instead, replace only what you need and speak with an expert like Constant Technologies, Inc. to ensure that you’re still operating at peak, or near-peak, efficiency. This will help give you a better idea of how you’re going to be running the command center when it comes down to business.