How to Waterproof Your Eco-Friendly Bench Cushions

Summary: Waterproofing your cushions will make them last much longer than they normally would. And, it could save you some money too.

Your bench cushions make for a great relaxation spot in the summer and spring. But, when the sun starts hiding behind those thick, cotton-shaped clouds, it’s hard to enjoy your time outside. Rather than end up with a ruined set and purchasing replacement cushions, why not waterproof them to ensure they stay safe and sounds during the rainy season.

Use a Waterproof Silicone Spray

There are numerous types of waterproof spray available for different materials. You need to know what type of cushions you own so you can purchase the right one. Most manufacturers, like The Foam Factory for example, will provide you with information on the type of foam used in the cushions.

When you apply the spray, be sure you’re in a well-ventilated area. Spray back and forth to ensure the entire cushions gets a thick coating. Start on one side, let it dry, then turn it over to spray the other. It’s important to take your time and do a good job rather than rush the process.

Purchas a Plastic Cushion Cover

An alternative to using a waterproof spray is to purchase a plastic cushion cover. These are designed to keep your cushions clean and dry at all times. Most of these covers are clear, so the material is still visible. The plastic will keep all moisture from drenching the cushions – assuming you’ve purchased a durable product of course. However, they may not appeal to everyone due to their look. This is an inexpensive way to keep your cushions safe from the rain.