Ten easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly

The world is facing a daunting two-pronged challenge: natural resources are declining, and the population is growing faster than ever. The only way we can create a sustainable environment is to change what we do and become more eco-friendly. Here are some tips from The Foam Factory on reducing your environmental impact:

Embrace natural cleaning products

Some of the most effective cleaning products are one that you can make at home with ingredients like vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. The next time you clean your new cushions, avoid using chemical cleaners and opt for natural cleaners.

Solar power

A solar power system is an essential part of any home that aims to be eco-friendly. You can take the process further and install a battery-system which charges on solar and has enough power to run the home. Such a system does not require a connection to the grid and reduces the load on power plants that produce pollution.


Poor insulation is the primary cause of energy usage from heating and cooling. When you have good insulation, the heat will stay in longer, avoiding the need to run the heating longer. Improve your insulation by getting double-glazed windows and looking blowing more insulation into the attic and walls.


Make a list of common items you purchase and look for recycled alternatives for all of them. You will find that there are more items that you can buy that help sustainability. Also, when buying products, focus on those that you can recycle easily.